Recycled Art and Assemblage.


We reuse. We re-purpose. We create. We amaze. We're an independent, creative art studio focused on re-cycled art and assemblage. Our outlook is based on a hybrid of collage, sculpture and assemblage aesthetic: making something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

My ART is my passion.

My artwork explores the use of the recycled (ephemera, wood, metal, plastic) and the Found Object. While I use a wide variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is consistent. This focus is evident in the use of vintage barometers, religious statues and gauges. Each piece is given a unique importance no matter what they were in a previous life, the Found Object is used to convey a new dialogue. I often incorporate the interpretation of "measuring the immeasurable" by taking on concepts such as Blind Faith, Transcendence and Karma.

Michael Delacruz is a Las Vegas based artist who specializes in recycled art & assemblage. his work tries to use as much recycled product as possible, thereby giving his pieces a unique comfortableness.